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CFH Docmail Ltd

The leading provider of hybrid mail in the UK. At the touch of a button our customers can produce letters or create mailshots, postcards and newsletters which are sent direct from their PC, for less than the cost of a second class stamp.

We have over 30,000 customers who value the enormous time and cost savings we deliver which allows them to focus on the day to day running of their business.

Recent industry research has confirmed that the very best franchisors make sure that all their franchisees benefit from excellent marketing support.
This ensures that those with less experience are not disadvantaged as they try to generate prospects and grow their business.

Successful franchisors understand the importance of protecting the ‘Brand’.

Our Franchisor Programme can provide the flexibility from an individual franchisee using our service independently to a fully managed franchisor structure where each account is linked to a master franchisor account with documents stored for each franchise to access.

New and existing franchisees can benefit from a marketing package that is ready to use, this powerful tool can also be offered to further enhance your franchise package.

Franchisor benefits:

· Brand continuity - franchisor templates are uploaded for franchisees to use
· Optional affiliate benefit - (to reinvest in marketing activity)
· Range of format and colour options - letters, mailshots, postcards, newsletters
· - Each franchise is responsible for sending and spend and can only see their own data/mailings

Franchisee benefits:

· Send documents from your PC at less than the cost of a stamp - includes paper, print, envelopes and postage
· No contract
· No minimum volume
· No set up or licence fee
· Save up to 60% on costs
· No in-house printing
· Secure
· Save hours of staff time
· Easy access to brand templates
· Reporting information to manage and evaluate marketing campaign and spend.

Using Docmail is easy!

Check out our Docmail Franchise web page using the link below:

...or for more information contact Linda Cohen on 01761 416311, or email

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