Tech4t At The Franchise Supplier Showcase And Conference 2014

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Tech4t At The Franchise Supplier Showcase And Conference 2014

Graham Barlow recently presented the services provided by Tech4T to the British franchising industry.

Tech4T is a leading provider of franchise territory design and  retail site location planning services. The company's many years of experience enable them to deliver sound, practical advice and value for money services.

Benefits for New Franchisors:
• Pilot territories
• A robust network of commercially viable territories
• Substantiation of territory valuations
• Territory maps and Postcode allocations for franchise agreements
• Identification of marketing areas
• Analysis of franchisee performance; understanding of reasons for differences
• Benchmarking
• Calculation of market penetration - understanding how much more could be sold and areas of business growth

Franchise Territory Runner  – customised online territory management software:
• A complete picture of your business with territories, customers, prospects, competitors in one system
• Visibility of franchisee activity
• Multiple brands in one system
• Demonstrate territory status and availability - sold, under offer, resale, available
• Handle franchisee enquiries & territory reservations; store and edit franchisee details
• Segment customers and export lists for email, mail or leafleting
• Store documents and photographs

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