Why Buying Print In Bulk Can Cost You Time And Money

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Why Buying Print In Bulk Can Cost You Time And Money

For years we have understood that buying in bulk is more cost effective than buying products in small numbers. Whilst this is still often the case some companies rush into bulk orders without considering all the risks involved with placing a large order.

A client of ours had done exactly this. As a franchise with multiple franchisees around the country they chose to place a bulk stationery order for the entire business.

However, when the print arrived the franchise had not considered where they were going to store it. There was also a problem of repackaging and individually distributing stock to other sites. The order ended up putting a huge strain on time, resources and in some cases tempers. In the end the stock sat in the office and went out of date with old branding, offers or contact details. In addition, a lot of the stock got lost or became damaged during the storage and redistribution process.

Big orders are not always best.

With modern digital presses it is now possible to produce small amounts of printed items very economically. With the right online purchasing portal, day-to-day print purchasing no longer has to be carried out by head office.

Using an online purchasing portal you can order print when you require it and have it delivered directly to you. Franchisees can add their own details online with no need to use a designer. Head office can rest assured that the print will be produced with all the correct branding and offers. The central marketing team can concentrate on their main role, rather than wasting time with print administration, thus running the entire marketing process more efficiently.

An online purchasing portal improves your marketing.

The marketing team can update designs, offers and messages for all printed items online. Depending on the supplier of your online purchasing portal the print media can be designed or edited and uploaded by experienced staff, leaving you more time to concentrate on business growth. You can be confident that franchisees will be ordering the latest items, rather than outdated items.

An online purchasing portal reduces franchise frustration.

Sometimes franchisees decide that ordering print is too difficult so they do nothing, meaning the franchise isn’t marketed enough and the desired results are not achieved.

The second problem is rogue purchasing. The franchisee decides that they can manage print purchasing better themselves. However, they then need to create a message and use a designer. The message may be incorrect. The designer may not brand the printed items correctly. The marketing material may give the wrong impression of the franchise or convey the wrong message.

An online purchasing portal can result in big cost savings.

Buying in bulk isn’t the only way to save costs, if a franchise purchases all of its print from a single supplier they will naturally receive a volume discount. As long as the supplier is correctly chosen, most print prices will be substantially lower than those that can be obtained by the individual franchisee.

Depending on the quantities of print purchased, a central supplier can also consolidate orders and if multiple requirements are produced at the same time, further savings can be achieved.

An online purchasing portal can result in major savings of time.

Purchasing print can be a complicated exercise. The print industry still uses a lot of technical phrases that many people do not understand. How does a franchisee of head office department ensure that they are purchasing the right item with the right specification?

With central purchasing, all the items required by a franchisee are specified when the agreement is made with the supplier. This is time that they can more profitably spend building the business.

An online purchasing portal is easy to implement and will not cost the world.

A trusted supplier will take care of the initial set-up of an online purchasing portal. As a result everything is easily available for the franchisees and support is provided by the supplier when needed. The day-to-day purchasing process should be much quicker and easier.

The central team can easily see what purchasing activity has been carried out. It will be much quicker and easier for them to run reports and understand what individual franchisees are doing.

Once an online purchasing portal is set up you will see a reduction in the waste of central internal resources, eliminate double deliveries, prevent out of date marketing messages, avoid inaction and deter rogue purchasing. When all of these benefits are taken into account, why would you need to buy in bulk?

To find out more about how an online purchasing portal can help your franchise contact Proactive on 01202 315333. We make sure your directors are never reduced to delivering print themselves!

Remember, cheap prices do not mean lower costs. Buying in bulk can be an expensive business.

Why Buying Print In Bulk Can Cost You Time And Money - Press Releases - Franchise Suppliers connects franchisors with specialist suppliers to the franchise industry - Streamline your franchise operations with Franchise Suppliers
Why Buying Print In Bulk Can Cost You Time And Money - Press Releases - Franchise Suppliers connects franchisors with specialist suppliers to the franchise industry - Streamline your franchise operations with Franchise Suppliers

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