Three Key Areas That Can Help Franchisees Utilise Their Franchise System

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Three Key Areas That Can Help Franchisees Utilise Their Franchise System

“You can survive in business without the help of a coach but to thrive, you need to be at the top of the game!”

Ian Christelow has a deep-rooted passion for helping companies succeed. Having watched his father’s business fail as a child, Ian became dedicated to helping other business owners avoid the same fate. When he came across the ActionCOACH brand in 2001, no one really knew what a business coach was but Ian could see the potential.

Since then, ActionCOACH has helped hundreds of businesses in the UK including many franchise owners. In our latest blog for the Franchise Supplier Showcase, we look at three key areas that can help franchisees utilise their franchise system to grow a fruitful business.

The small business faces an array of problems on a daily basis. Some are external, such as lack of access to funding, competition, staff shortages and skills gaps, red tape, health and safety and the state of the economy. Others are internal but are no less challenging.

Three Vital Facets of Effective Business Coaching
A good business coach will combine the three major areas in which business owners need help: mindset, strategy and systemisation. ActionCOACH works very differently to consulting firms. Following their unique and proven models, the business growth coaches look at the business in relation to the most important elements that drive profitability.

1. Mindset
Lack of execution is one of the greatest barriers to development for the smaller business. Often the mindset of the business owner is behind this lack of execution.

Business owners are generally technicians. They are excellent at their craft, which is obviously crucial for the success of the business in terms of quality. However, technicians don’t tend to have natural business acumen. Franchisees can often buy into a franchise where they feel comfortable with the technical side of the business but still lack some of the understanding to become a great business owner. This is precisely why the mindset aspect of business coaching is so important. It is designed to coax out the underlying business leader; to get them to step up to become a confident manager and leader.

Encouraging the owner to work ON the business instead of IN it for at least part of their working week, will give them the confidence to trust other people to work in it as the business grows. This will greatly assist in achieving the desired goals and to striking a far healthier work-life balance.

2. Strategy
The strategy part of the ActionCOACH process is all about the mastery of the business. It is about turning goals into plans and plans into results.

It is vital to have a solid operational structure in place so that a business is able to deliver on a consistent basis and being part of a franchise system goes a long way to achieving this. However, sometimes this can also be detrimental as a business may grow too fast for a franchisee, leaving them juggling too many balls and trying to cope without asking for help. A business coach may suggest slowing a business down to put in team structures, install a division of responsibility, revisit their initial budget and business plan and, of course, establish good financial control. Premature growth without such consideration will lead to business distress.

3. Systemisation
Here enters the consultancy aspect. But note, it is an aspect of the entire business coaching process, not a single focus. This part is all about building a roadmap that starts with the goal and works out how to arrive at it.

This is aimed at making the business owner self-sufficient so that they have their own inset skills to continue driving the business, rather than use outside consultants for fixes that turn out to be only temporary.

Get yourself a business growth coach
Life as a business owner can be incredibly lonely. These days, everyone who is anyone surrounds themselves with coaches, advisors and experts. Athletes, sports stars and high flyers all have teams around them to support various aspects of their lives and careers - every franchise owner at ActionCOACH has their own business coach too!

Next Steps
If this resonates with you, ActionCOACH is open to tailoring an initial support package for your franchise network for FREE.  But we only want to work with progressive franchisors who truly get that no one can achieve their full potential without working with a coach, so if that’s you, be the first to contact ActionCOACH UK Managing Director by using the contact request form below.

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