How Well Do You Handle Customer Calls

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How Well Do You Handle Customer Calls

The customer journey starts here

Customer service is hugely important for franchises. Regardless of the product it sells or the service it provides, how well customers are treated is vital to long-term business success.

It’s what inspires people to buy, repeat their custom and talk about the franchise.

Call handling is an important part of this customer journey. It’s often the first point of contact a person has with a business, whether a brand-new enquiry or long-standing customer. If they’re in need of information, they’ll pick up the phone. So it’s essential to know how well your franchise handles its customers’ calls.

69% of people will hang up at the sound of voicemail

In its Business Call Report, Moneypenny revealed that 69% of callers who were answered by voicemail declined to leave a message, and instead hung up.

This can have an enormous negative effect on a franchises’ revenue, as the value of each missed call significantly impacts its bottom line. A missed call is a missed business opportunity.

“It’s akin to walking into a shop with no one at the till. Buyers simply ring the next supplier on the list.”

“Quite simply, a customer getting through to a voicemail instead of a person is like tearing up money. It’s akin to walking into a shop with no one at the till. Buyers simply ring the next supplier on the list,” says Ed Reeves, director and co-founder of Moneypenny.

“Pretty much every prospective customer hangs up at an answer message, yet so many businesses, especially those run from mobiles, have no solution in place. UK SMEs are losing a fortune in business opportunities.”

“A phone call is the final reassurance prior to a purchase.”

“Customers use phone enquiries differently nowadays,” adds Ed. “A phone call is no longer a research tool –that’s handled by social media, websites or email – instead it’s the final reassurance prior to a purchase. This results in fewer, yet higher, value phone calls coming from only the most serious of buyers. Not answering those calls guarantees losing the business.”

Be ready to take customer calls

Customer service is instantly improved with a telephone answering service. Every call is answered, none are missed. Customers receive excellent service each time they get in touch. If you’re

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