Effective Marketing And Sales Campaigns Are All About Good Communication

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Effective Marketing And Sales Campaigns Are All About Good Communication

The key to a successful marketing campaign is sound communication. It seems completely obvious, doesn’t it? But if you look around at some of the efforts out there you would be surprised just how unobvious it appears to be! Get to the point, be clear and concise, and don’t fill your communication efforts with unnecessary waffle. Here are some tips to help you use good communication to achieve effective marketing and sales results:

Be clear and apply focus

When writing your marketing message you have to make sure it is simple, clear and concise. The messages that tend to work best are those that not only speak to the head but to the heart as well. Also, people say that in order to sell you have to establish ‘need’ however that’s not quite true – translate that ‘need’ into ‘want’ and you might just be on to a winner though. Focus on what the customer wants rather than what you actually have to offer. Don’t offer everything, it just confuses your potential customer – concentrate on what they want!

Free or save

These are two of the most emotive words in marketing. We all fall for it sometime in our lives. No matter how sceptical we are, if we see those words we are subconsciously hooked. However, one of them is stronger than the other: ‘free’ has the edge over ‘save’ any day. That is why, in a supermarket for instance, you are more likely to pick up an item where you get one free rather than getting both at half price. Doesn’t take the brain too much to work out that ‘free’ means ‘costs you nothing’.

Another potent word is ‘new’. We see the word flashed over items in supermarkets every day. It doesn’t necessarily mean the item is new, it could be that it is a different flavour or pack size. ‘New’ also doesn’t need to apply to a product but can be used in conjunction with, for instance, opening times, payment options, etc.

Try and incorporate these emotive words into your marketing campaigns for higher chances of success.


While it may be a bit of a minefield, emotional imagery is an effective marketing element that mustn’t be ignored. Puppies, kittens, babies, chocolate – all those images are being used day in and day out by some of the most trusted brands around. Also, consider negatives and positives for a moment. You are always warned by sales training experts to steer clear of negative terms and only always accentuate the positive , but brands like John Lewis have made a business out of arguably negative messaging: ‘Never knowingly undersold’. After all, isn’t ‘We’ll never let you down’ just that bit stronger than: ‘We’ll always look after you’?

Hopefully I have given you some useful things to think about when constructing the communications for your brand and marketing campaigns.


Once you have nailed your communication and brand message, the next thing you will need to do is ensure you have a system in place that will allow you to protect it and ensure it remains consistent across your entire franchise network.

Our brand management system does just that, helping you manage and produce all aspects of your traditional and digital marketing collateral in a secure environment where your core message cannot be tampered with. If you wish to discuss or learn more about how to keep your brand communications consistent and protected, give the team at Consider This a call on 01895 619 900 or email me on michael.pearce@considerthisuk.com.

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