The Franchise Business Booster & Supplier Showcase Event


Once a year we hold an event where franchisors come to meet you, the suppliers. This is a great opportunity to meet the decision makers face to face and tell your story.

But, what makes this event unique is that the decision makers are coming be sold to; let me explain. The franchisors trust us to do their research for them and to source a variety of suppliers that understand franchising and have something of value to offer their business. This saves them the time and effort of doing the research themselves.

Then, once a year they come to meet these suppliers at our showcase event with an open mind and in a buying mood. For you, this makes the event very different from the usual type of exhibition you might attend. Your audience are genuinely interested in what you have to say in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Conversion rates are high and of course, one successful sale to a franchisor could mean your product or service gets rolled out across a network of many franchisees.

To find out more about this event contact Nick Strong on 023 8027 3434 or email