Franchise Business Services

This section provides a list of franchise business services which might be helpful to franchisors and their franchisees. Typically, these will be services that might help to improve and/or streamline the operation of your franchise business and network. Choosing a supplier that understands how a franchise network operates is important so that they can tailor any services to your requirements.

A list of Franchise Business Services are listed below for you to investigate. Please:

FranchiseTerritory Mapping and Location Planning with Tech4T

Tech4T is a leading provider of specialist franchise software and services and can deliver the facts, figures and territory maps to drive territory sales.  You'll be able to confidently explain the criteria for designing your territories, subst...


The multi-office social media management solutionsocialHANDLER enables head office marketing managers to create and share social content with their local offices at the click of a button, for each local office to publish to their own social media acc...